Hi and Welcome to Scitalks!

We comb the internet and upload a couple hundred links per week. We get them from all over the web from universities and august institutions like TED talks and the Royal Society. We also have our share from YouTube and Google videos. We know that there are thousands more! Please contribute links if you have them. You can also upload your own videos.

You can vote videos up or down, and have your own playlists that you can share. We’re very open to suggestions.

You can reach us by emailing info a t scitalks d o t com.

Thank you for visiting!

Lee Vodra
Scitalks Editor


3 Responses to “About”

  1. RS Love Says:

    Do you have an email address for sending feedback, suggestions or asking questions?

  2. Ed Says:

    Since i could not find any way of contacting you.
    Will you implement some kind of filter or review of the videos?
    Some people might for example argue that the videos from
    “The Faraday institute for science and religion” carry a certain bias.

  3. scitalks Says:

    Answering both of these:

    You can write to info@scitalks.com . I’d like to keep things to the comments as much as possible, because the one thing for sure about our visitors is that they’re extraordinarily intelligent and I believe discussions would be fruitful. I’d ask that you direct comments to the post of the week rather than the about section.

    Ed, your question is one I and others have thought a lot about, and would like to hear from our users what solutions they would have to address this. One idea has been to have all videos commentable. Another is to have a Wikipedia-like user structure where people with expertise claim an area and moderate it. Another is a Slashdot-like karma system. For now, you can vote a video up or down. I’d love to hear suggestions.

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