Something’s cooking at Scitalks…

Hi Everyone,

Have just uploaded some terrific videos!

Check out all of the ones from Google. These were voted the best of the Google Techtalks by Google’s staff. I’ve also added some wonderful TED talks in and there’s a fun series of three talks by Chris Mooney (YouTube has that silly time limit so people are uploading in chunks. I’ve noticed that Google may have changed that limit, since I found some videos on YouTube that were over an hour long. Cool!)

We have a wonderful secret project going on that we’re unveiling soon. I’m dreaming in code these days. Sorry to have neglected the existing site so much…(that’s a hint!)

I’ve included a fantastic TED video that isn’t strictly science, but it was so good I had to include it. It’s Thomas Barnett: The Pentagon’s new map for war and peace. He’s intelligent, funny and straight about a topic where the public hasn’t heard a lot of straight talk. He has a recommendation for the restructuring of the US military that’s surprising and sane. Have a look!

We would also like to welcome into the science video space. I’ve put up some of their videos as well.

Have a great day everyone!



One Response to “Something’s cooking at Scitalks…”

  1. Sandra Says:

    I hope the project is coming along well. We’re waiting. 🙂

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