Jon Shock’s Advanced String Theory Recommendations

Jon is my hero this week. While I’m busy cooking for sixty people and organizing my wedding, he’s really coming through. Thank you so much, Jon.

For the last installment before Jon comes online, here are his recommendations. Unfortunately, most of the lectures don’t have their own home pages and are links on pages with many other juicy looking lectures, so while I’m trying to figure out how to enter them into our database, I’m not going to hold things up. I’m posting them right here so people can find them. This is pretty exciting stuff! Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out Sean Carroll on our featured video. He’s great!

Here’s what Jon says:

…a few thoughts on more advanced lectures:

First I will give some ideas for lectures which are mostly in my area, the AdS/CFT correspondence.

Eric D’Hoker’s lectures from here are great:

Though I would suggest that just about every lecture from TASI is worth watching. I haven’t seen them all but most of the lecturers are really very good.

On the same subject, those by Mark Van Raamsdonk here are good:

But again, the level of this school is just right for those who have are just about familiar with the previous material.

I can’t view these lectures by Juan Maldacena who discovered the AdS/CFT correspondence but they may well be good, no promises:

This isn’t specifically related,but I just found a HUGE resource of videos, for when you have a spare moment:

I’ve seen Eva Silverstein talk a couple of times on string cosmology. She’s one of the leading researchers on the subject. Again, I haven’t seen this particular video of her but she’s usually a good, clear speaker:

A little old now (2004) but still excellent is this workshop on QCD and string theory:
and the conference here:

My work is most closely linked to Rob Myers’ talks on holographic mesons.

Trying to give a broad range of stringy subjects, the lectures on string phenomenology are here:

More on stringy cosmology here:

and some of the more mathematical aspects here:

As before I haven’t seen all these videos but I’ve seen a few from each conference and can say that there are certainly some which are worth watching. We really need more, interested people to watch them and then advise which are the best. I’m just giving a general selection of some of the more cutting edge areas of the subject.

In fact in general there are thousands of videos to be found here:

If you get a chance, click on over to Jon’s blog, where you can read about Beijing, great jazz and of course, string theory.

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