Those Pesky Dimensions!

This is what happens when a science generalist puts stuff up on the web. According to Dr Shock, my choice could have been better informed. Here’s what he says:

Unfortunately there’s a problem with the first video on the tenth dimension: It’s a) nothing to do with the ten dimensions of string theory and b) completely meaningless as far as I can tell. Sorry 😦

The ten dimensions of string theory are not mysterious at all. There are 9 spatial dimension which can be described perfectly well mathematically, just like the three dimensions we see around us and one time dimension. In special relativity time is described as a dimension just as much as the other three. String theory is completely self consistent with both quantum mechanics and relativity.

Sadly the tenth dimension video is not a good video to advertise either string theory or any good physics.

Woops! Sorry folks.

Jon recommends the Elegant Universe videos by Brian Greene as a nice introduction to String Theory.


One Response to “Those Pesky Dimensions!”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I’ve now posted a list of my recommended popular level string theory talks. Most of them can already be found at the Scitalks site, so take a look and vote for the videos.

    Keep up the great work,


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